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Parisa Kharazi, July 2011

Posted by on July 4, 2011

July 2011 –

It was our first time going on safari in Africa, and my family and I were very excited and nervous about what was in store for us. Lucky and his team met us in Maun airport and greeted us warmly. Our first stop was at the basket weaving co-op where we picked up a few locally handwoven crafts. Afterwards, we started on our journey in the Moremi Game Reserve and one of the first animals we saw was a male and female lion sleeping under a tree. It was luck and the good eyes of our guide who spotted these rare creatures! Our first night was very memorable. We were fed a delicious meal of fish and rice prepared over the fire and spent the night around the camp fire sipping on tea and sharing stories. Every night ended this way and Lucky and his team made sure that my family and I were comfortable, warm, and safe. One very unique experience was when we were on a boat cruise on the Zambezi River and we saw a pack of wild dogs chasing after an impala. The impala managed to escape by swimming into a smaller island in the river, but the adrenaline rush we felt while we watched something that could easily be on National Geographic was amazing! The next four nights were filled with game drives at the break of dawn and into the sunset. Lucky and his team worked tirelessly This camping experience was raw, real, and an experience to remember. I highly recommend traveling with this safari company, especially if it is your first time in Africa. You will truly get to experience the real ‘African safari’ if you travel with Lucky’s Safari Company!


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  1. Shasha Radinoga

    Please give us rates for your mobile safaris. We are a group of 10 and would like to tour Botswana, Zimbabwe and Namibia. Give us options of what activities could be done to make our trip memorable.

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